Apparently I’m a Software Developer

Welcome. Take a seat. Make yourself comfortable.

I’m a software developer by profession and I dabble in development when at home. Here is where I want to document the meandering bits of development I intend to get involved in. Ironically there is no structure, just ramblings, but it will be documented.

What can you expect? If you’re not a developer of Agile (in any shape or form, I’m looking at you ‘Scrum-but’) or have never heard of ‘stand-ups’ then it might be like that; what I’ve done today, what I intend to do next and what is holding me up. I can even see me dropping links to other interesting sites, articles, commentary, etc. that I am exposed to each day related to software development.

I intend to share bits of code I have written, hosted in whatever source hosting I appear to be using at the time (right now that is GitHub) and I embrace any commentary relative to the subject material.

So to kick off, I’ll throw out what I’ve been doing today.

Today, I’ve been looking at an AngularJS tutorial: Angular JS Codeschool
It looks exceptionally straightforward so far. I’ve yet to do anything, as I ended up setting up and writing this blog piece. So from my point of view, I’ve found it, I’ll complete it, I’ll learn. That is my next ‘thing’ to do.

C++ is my normal language to work with, but I do not have any immediate plans to do anything there, however, I reserve the right to change my mind next week. I probably will.

It seems blogs are coming back, people starting them or other people inspired by old ones. So this one popping up looks promising:

That is it for now.


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