Fullstack Development

Fullstack development appears to be a jack-of-all-trades type of role in web development. A simple google search pulls up lots of opinions and interpretations about the role and responsibility. The following blog post goes into layers of the role: What is a full stack developer

What does it entail?

Well it seems to cover many technologies, for many responsibilities. Such as database management, server implementation and management, UX/UI integration to summarise. This takes in many technologies, such as MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML. This list is non exhaustive, so feel free to go online and look for alternatives or more information.

Why does this interest me?

It captures my attention from the holistic point of view. Having the ability to know many technologies, languages, architectures to build something sounds pretty impressive to be able to do. Can I do it? Not yet, that is why I am learning.

I have dipped into various areas at different points in my career/personal development. But now, knowing this is a role in demand, it gets me interested a bit more.

For 2016 it was my goal to deploy a server in any capacity and be able to connect to it. This is something I have since done professionally (and the reason for my absence in posting). The one caveat is that the server development was assisted by Unreal Engine 4 and the deployment was simplistic based on the requirements of Unreal Engine 4. This will be something I go through in a future topic. So, all of this means that I have to refocus exactly what I want to do with “writing my own server”? The focus will be on building an architecture that can authenticate users and deliver another service to the authenticated users.

What stack will I use?

Professionally our stack is based on Python, Flask & PostgreSQL. So it makes sense that I practice using Python, implementing Flask and getting down and dirty using PostgreSQL.

As a learning resource, the following website has been very useful: https://www.fullstackpython.com/

If you want to keep a track on my progress, then please check out my GitHub repo https://github.com/NorfolkNChance/personal-website

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